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Code No.:CS1774
Product Name.:Sanitab Plus, pk of 200pcs
Classification:New Products
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Packing: 200 Tablets in tube
Add one tablet to 2L of water appropriate to (1:99) bleach/ 1L of water appropriate to (1:49) bleach, a yellow liquid solution (Chlorine – 200ppm) is ready to use as a disinfectant after leave it for 3-5 minutes. The liquid can deactivate and kill 99.9% germs including fungi, bacteria, virus & other particles including allergens. It is safe in suggested concentrations to use!- Deactivate and kill 99.9% germs 
- Yield consistent levels of available  chlorine
- Safe a lot of space to store, unlike liquid bleach
- Provides greater biocidal properties, strength for strength, than
   liquid bleach, especially in the presence of soiling
- Eliminates need for weighing and measuring Sanitab Plus
   (NaDCC) is commonly used in Hong Kong's hospital as a
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